Eat me right, or not at all.


You’d be surprised how many girls don’t “like” receiving head from their significant other or don’t get “turned on” by their partner when they go down on them. For women we take the time to at least attempt to learn and know what we are doing so that we can please our man the best possible way. There is a sense of gratification or pleasure that we get when giving head on a guy. The pleasure and satisfaction of knowing we were the ones that got you off and making you cum is in some ways an accomplishment but typically males being males are fucking lazy and self centered when going down on a women. They could care less if it’s satisfying for us they just believe moving their tongue around while saying the ABC’s will get the job down. Well, gentleman you could not be more WRONG! As a women who has had different experiences on males going down on me there is a very good chance that they have no clue what they are doing and won’t take the time to actually pay attention to detail. We are sensitive, easily turned off, and beautiful in the ways we moan or arch our backs, when he breaths right inbetween your legs that gives you chills from your toes all the way up to your flushed cheeks.

So, women, I am here to help! Send your man a link to my page to get the orgasm you read about all by your mans tongue.

For the fella’s……. first off, you’re doing it wrong. Sorry to chop off your your balls but, pick them back up and swallow your pride.

  1. Stop singing the ABC’s there is no good that comes out of this and you’d be surprised how many guys do actually do this, therefore we know the motions and they aren’t making us any wetter.
  2. Stop sticking your nub of a tongue in and out of our pussy as if that is even remotely the size of a dick.
  3. Wipe the drool off your face and get back in the game, a slobbery  dog is not what we want down there either so pull it together and let’s talk some sense.

What to do gents:

  • Slow down; there is nothing sexier than every piece of you focusing on one single breath or movement a man is doing to you. Guys, you need to get her worked up before going down on her, start with some simple foreplay and then slowly work your way down. Make her feel like you love every inch of her body and that it’s a privilege that she is letting you touch her.
  • Do use your hands; your touch is turning us on alone so use that power you have. Slowly run your fingers against her inner thigh and run your fingers horizontally across her pussy, continue onto her other inner thigh and slide your finger down her legs.
  • Breathing; this has to be my favorite trick I have felt. The heat coming off of someones mouth and the way it makes us tingle is so extrodinary. You can either breath hot air or cool her down a bit and blow right onto her clit. Either one she is going to enjoy it but, pay attention to detail so you can figure out which one she likes the most.
  • Sucking; yes, we women actually enjoy the sucking sensation as well. Take our lips (one at a time or both, doesn’t matter)  and gently suck and pull with the front of your mouth. If your girl seems to really enjoy this, take it a step further. Grab ahold of her lips and lightly bite down (only using your front teeth) of her lips while pulling away from her pussy and sucking at the same time (she will instantly think you are a master in bed if you try this move).
  • Tongue; your tongue is not there in replacement of a dildo, it’s there to add a different texture that she doesn’t feel too often. So, for example a way to use your tongue and not get your girl turned off is simply using the sucking method I spoke of above and move your tongue up and down while holding onto her lips. Also, lightly licking her inner thighs and right around the sides of her pussy. This is a great way to work her up just enough to make her begging for you to sick your dick inside her.

Well ladies and Gents, you’re welcome and I hope this post helps your love life in bed (and actually makes you excited ladies when you see your man going “down stairs”).

Until next time, XOXO


Fake the confidence, not the orgasm.

fake the confidence, not the orgasm

“Did she fake it?”

“Does he know I’m faking it?”

“Why can’t I just have an orgasm?”

“How come every other women can have an orgasm?”

“How loud should I moan”

Ladies, grow a fucking pair and stop faking it!

Men should know by now that to make a girl have an extreme orgasm every time you have sex is nearly impossible! Yes, as women we can have different types of orgasms but having a “G Spot” orgasm each time we have sex is hard to come by.

Don’t get me wrong, there are women out there who can cum everytime they have sex, me being one of them. I stand by my thoughts of half the reason a girl doesn’t cum while having sex comes down to distractions, insecurities, or the main issue for all women is that we think WAY too much.

Back in high school when I first started having sex I remeber having such an issue with cumming, I was constantly thinking about why my partner was making that gross face when he was thrusting, or why The Sound of Music was playing in the background. My mind would race from the insecurities with my shaved legs to if i’m moaning too loud for my partners parents to hear. After realizing my mind wasn’t think about the actual sex at all I tried just closing my eyes and focusing on the pleasure that I was feeling. After awhile I can’t think about anything besides the arousal that I get from sex.

My roomate is the number one culprit of faking it. She constantly thinks about her insecurities and if she is “too hairy” for him, or if she looks sexy in the angle that her and her partner are in. IT’S REDICULOUS!!! The worst part of all is she leads her guy’s on to think that she is having this amazing orgasm when in reality she is just worried he doesn’t like her. She’s a little extreme, I know, but never the less DO NOT lead the guy on! Tell them! Maybe you need to try a different position or you need to foreplay more so you can get more turned on.

Women, if you are having this issue try your hardest to pretend that you are a porstar, pretend you are amazing at having sex (whether you agree or not) fake the confidence not the orgasm, trick your mind. Close your eyes and just focus on the sensation of him going in and out of you. Focus on his breathing and how hard you make him. By all means don’t worry about if you havn’t gotten waxed in a week, if your underarms arn’t shaved or if your make up has come off of your blemishes.

Men, don’t believe everything you hear, yes, a women may be moaning so the neighbors know your name but trust me, there is no way she is having a orgasm that intense everytime you have sex with her. If you think she is faking it, she most likely is. Try making her feel more comfortable, compliment her, tell her she is amazing in bed or she tastes good. Make her feel as if she’s a secret pornstar in bed.


“just go down on me already”


Ladies… we all know our men have this thought banging in their brains the moment they buy us that cocktail on the rooftop bar. We avoid this at ALL cost! We HATE going down on our men? The reasons being… one the pee out of the damn thing, a cock is not pretty by any means and fuck who likes to have their spit all over their face?!

This is where we are wrong… going down on a guy isn’t neccessarly a disgusting act. We may have these negative thoughts of a guy but in reality we want the same damn thing (if they’re “good” at it). A lot of us don’t really know how stimulating a womens lips and tongue on their dick is so arrousing. Giving good head isn’t just about moving your head up and down/ side by side, it’s about pleasing your man in a way that makes him dreaming about it the next morning. We have this “vision” of what “amazing” head would look like. But what we don’t know is that we are doing it all wrong.

First Step: foreplay. As any human the sexiness of not knowing when the climax is going to happen is exciting! We love that! Start off with the neck, breath soft on the side of his neck, teasing him with the power of the air coming out of your mouth. slowly kissing his neck while working your way up to his ear (guys love this shit). Take his earrlobe and lightly bite it, as if warning him that you have a kinky side under your belt. Then, start backing off, going back to just breathing in his ear. Sometimes I throw a little moan or two into his ear, make him know that you are turned on just by the heat and sensation of you turning him on. After you think this is starting to get fun start working your way down his body, kissing and breathing hot air onto his chest, his ribs. Work your way down to his nipple, yes, I said nipple. Guys enjoy the lick of the nipple and the way the cold air hits him. As you start to tease him all the way down to his cock, just stop. breath hot air right above his cock, right where his pants would lay if he was still wearing them. beging to kiss and lick everywhere expect for his dick. Tease him until he is begging for you to suck his cock. Even at this point DO NOT GIVE IN! The more and more you tease him the more pleasure he will get.

Second Step: the good stuff. Now that you man is at this point as hard as a rock use this as a game. grab his cock with your hand and lick his cock from his package all the way to the top, all in one straight line. Get your salava going and lick the head of his dick. Then, slowly work his dick all the way into your mouth, using your tongue as a way to “spice” things up, make an “s” motion or even just the pressure of your tongue will turn him on even more, take it one step forward and use your teeth, now ladies please by all means do not bite! just very, very lightly. If you aren’t capable of deep throating the whole dick USE YOUR HANDS! Most girls think that using your hands during head isn’t head but trust me, you’re wrong. A guy wants to cum and if using your hands is what it takes, then hell, fuckin’ use them!

Third Step: make him cum. changing the pace is key to this step, going fast then slowing things down again are tricks that keep him wanting more. Some guys enjoy a nice slow blow job, they can feel the wetness of your mouth and the hot sensation of the inside of your mouth. Even moving thier cock side to side or slapping it on your tongue is a way for a guy to cum faster. Also, using your hands in a circulur motion with sequence to your mouth while speeding things up is a must. Right before you think they are about ready to cum focus all your energy on the head of his dick. Sucking fast but not hard and pursing your lips togther like your sucking on the top of a popsicle. Use your hands at the bottom of his shaft in a fast circle motion.

Fourth Step. to swallow or not swallow. Every guy of course loves the thought that his cum tastes like gold to you but in reality that shit is salty as hell. It’s your choice, if you swallow props to you, if it’s not for you a way to turn your man on is simple letting him cum on you, whether it’s your face, your boobs, or hopping on top of him and letting him finish inside you. Like I said, your choice. I personally do either or depending on my mood.